4 Growth Hacking Sources For New Business

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May 24, 2021

When you start a business, one of the significant factors that you need to contemplate is the prompt growth within a short time and making sure that the customer’s journey with your brand or business is accelerating, keeps on improving, and not taken for granted.

Growth hacking is a systematic process of combining ideas, marketing, and strategies with experimentation to properly execute the product development and to determine the most efficient approach for boosting business growth. This comes together with time, markets, consumers, trends, and even pop culture change.

Having said that, growth hacking is a great way to collect ideas to make sure your business is keeping up with the pace and interests of the clients and also making sure that aside from continuous growth and improvement of your products, you are also able to increase your customers and patronages. For starters, growth hacking is essential, and here are some sources and strategies that you can use.

1. Groups on Social Media

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Grow Your Business through Social Media Platforms

The social media platform is one of the most effective ways to market yourself and your brand. It will allow you to build, create and share content.

Nowadays social media is our go-to medium to accumulate information, know what’s the latest trend to try even checking random stuff, and most importantly it permits us to establish relationships and connect with people.

Social Media Platforms also play an impacting role of knowing what your customer wants and needs by engaging with answering their inquiries and wholly providing articles and learning about what your brand is all about which eventually will be a big factor of producing great customer service by gathering facts. Not to mention, using this platform will help you save a lot as it is not a costly yet effective way for business growth.

Always engage with your clients for a sure long-lasting partnership, and always make them engage with your brand. You may also feature some testimonials from your customers for inspiration through social media.

2. Participate and host community forums

Making connections is a requirement for business growth and maneuvering in getting the best of both worlds by learning from other entrepreneurs from fresh approaches to traditional effective ways in developing your brand and it’s also an opportunity to showcase your product and learn more about your industry at the same time. You might also want to get some inspiration by exchanging ideas and listening to testimonials. Forums and events are also a good venue for you to meet some potential partners. Collaborations with other brands and influencers are a surefire way to hype your products for it will surely make some buzz and will help you reach other communities and wider audiences and will bring value to your brand.

3. Pre-Launch Email List

Email Marketing is still one of the best and most cost-effective digital marketing strategies today.

Email marketing has been tested and proven to be an effective way for business growth. Before your launch, it will be a key factor in attracting potential customers.  Email marketing will enable you to communicate effectively with your target and potential audience. It’s the most well-known and simplest way to build hype and introduce your brand or product.

4. Know your Competition

Aside from collecting and mixing strategies and ideas to learn more about your industry, brand, and customers. Whether you like it or not competitors are everywhere. But they keep the fire burning and make you more creative and they make things exciting for you in some aspects. You should also know about your competition. By collecting data and relevant information even word of mouth you will come up with a better action plan to have an advanced edge and advantage compared to your competitors. Always be mindful of how the business environment is shifting. Don’t just settle in just knowing your products and customers.

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It may be challenging and takes a lot of guts for starters to hype their business. But through Innovation, not being afraid of trying new things and simply being open to suggestions, Business growth will be attainable.



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