QR Codes in Business – How to Create and Use Them

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February 2, 2022

What is a QR Code?

            COVID-19 really exposed the usage and importance of QR Codes which prior to the pandemic most people had little knowledge regarding the usage of. Nowadays, most people use this technology to conveniently get what they need, pay for clothes, food, etc. QR codes, which stands for ‘quick response’ codes, is a type of barcode that is readable to devices such as smartphones. Compared to the regular barcode, QR code is a lot different and it significantly contains more data than the regular one. Rather than just bars and numbers like in the regular soda can, QR codes usually come from a logo image, which is a grid like shape which consists of a lot of other more grid like shapes inside the body. It can store up to 4,296 characters, enough for an email address, or a URL.

            In Japan 1994, Denso Wave Incorporated, a Toyota provider, made the Quick Response Code for an auto business. In fact, the phrase ‘Quick Response’ is the trademark of Denso Wave Incorporated. But nowadays, it appears that the phrase has taken on a broader and much more effective way to describe the unique looking barcodes.

How do QR Codes work?

The easiest way to learn how a 2-D code works is that one side first generates the code, and then the other side scans the code with a QR code reader, which nowadays people usually use mobile applications on their Android or iPhone mobile phones.

Now, there is no need to understand the complex technology behind the QR Codes. What everyone needs to learn is just these two things: One – someone generates the QR Code first, Two – another one uses smartphones to scan the QR code to read them.

hand of a person scanning a QR code on his smart phone

How to Generate a QR Code?

QR codes when properly used with the business‘s marketing strategies can help them grow from a small business to a successful one. A lot of brands and companies have proven the importance of QR Codes to one’s business. There are a  lot of ways to create a QR Code depending on what content/use you want it to be. For example, let’s generate a QR code for a link. This is considered the most common usage of QR Code. This code once scanned will transport you to a website. To create one, follow these steps:

Step 1:

Proceed to your chosen QR code generator, choose the URL in the selection tab

Step 2:

Enter the URL or the website you would like your customers to visit or see in the field that will appear. You may copy the URL of your page and paste it. Your QR Code will automatically be generated.

Step 3:

Select Download, you can change the design of your generated code to your liking. The downloaded image will be in a JPG format in order for it to be easily added to any existing design.

man scanning a QR code in the brochure from his smart phone

How to use your QR code correctly?

There is a lot of usage to the quick response code, it’s a matter of where or what you are going to use it for. There are a lot of ideas of how to use QR codes, each with its own distinct designs, shapes, and color. You can use QR codes for product packaging, business cards, displays, brochures, and much more.

The usage of such technology innovates the way people interconnect with each other. With the new innovation, it is now easier to open links, order food, scan and pay contactless. It is a great invention that hovers the world one step closer towards preeminence.



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